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    Muslim Women: Building Institutions, Creating Change

    28 May 2009

    Hundreds of Muslim women activists, academics, scholars, lawyers and community leaders from around the globe will meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between July 16 and 20, 2009 to build the infrastructure and network for Muslim women to join together, challenge the distorted interpretations of Islam and to increase the socio-economic self-determination of Muslim women in society.
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    RIGHTS-AUSTRALIA: Parliament Tightens Protest Ban at Secretive Spy Base

    14 Apr 2009

    By Stephen de Tarczynski
    MELBOURNE, Apr 14 (IPS) Despite ongoing community concerns over the highly
    secretive Pine Gap spy station in central Australia, the nation’s
    parliament has moved to effectively ban protest at the joint
    Australia-United States base.

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    PAKISTAN: A Marriage of Convenience?

    11 Apr 2009

    By Zofeen Ebrahim
    KARACHI, Apr 11 (IPS) Pakistan’s Mukhtaran Mai, who gained global
    acclaim for daring to take her rapists to court, announced her marriage
    last month to an already married police constable.

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