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    Jacaranda Watch

    26 Oct 2009


    The magic continues...


    ... with scarlet bougainvilleas for contrast.

    Purple rain, purple dreamscape

    21 Oct 2009

    By F. Beaumont

    By F. Beaumont

    I just have to do it. This posting is not about gender, politics, foreign aid or photoshopped  models.

    It is about beauty. The beauty of nature: the splendid jacarandas blooming just now that turn Pretoria into a lilac-purple dreamscape.

    It s said that  50,000 jacarandas line the streets.   When the blossoms drift to the ground, carpetting sidewalks, it’s like  a magical  purple rain. Awesome.

    By F. Beaumont

    By F. Beaumont

    Beauty as an optical illusion

    12 Oct 2009

    Fashion models in ads are optical illusions and the award-winning  video Evolution of Beauty, from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty proves the point eloquently. Watch it at:


    Digital cosmetic surgery – nip-and-tuck, botox and liposuction, on the screen, with a click – render these models picture-perfect (excuse the pun) and thoroughly unreal.

    There is no way a non-photoshopped  woman can attain that perfection. Hey, we are human. We have flaws.

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