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    Breakthrough for Women at the UN

    18 Sep 2009

    Guest blogger:  Ann Ninan, IPS Gender Editor

    Is there room for us as well? M. Sayagues

    A breakthrough for us as well? M. Sayagues

    The UN has finally decided to stand up for women!  A decision to create a new agency for women was taken by the General Assembly on September14.

    Our colleague Thalif Deen, IPS bureau chief in New York, was the first and only journalist to report it for the first several hours.

    But this blog is not to crow about our scoop.

    I’m quite excited by the prospect of a new women’s agency with money and political power. No longer will the world’s feminists have to lobby from the outside to put their views on the table. They have now won admission to the high table.

    Any one of those bright, articulate, activist women can emerge to lead the agency. The reality is likely to be less rosy. But chances are that, because it’s new, it will be less under the thumb of the old boy network.

    You think I’m a romantic? What the hell, there is no harm in dreaming, is there?  More »

    IPS Joins Celebrations for CEDAW’s 30th Birthday

    05 May 2009


    To celebrate its 30th birthday the Convention of Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is gathering stories, testimonies and reflections about how its work has helped the respect of women’s rights and the prevention of discrimination against them. More »

    RIGHTS-AUSTRALIA: Parliament Tightens Protest Ban at Secretive Spy Base

    14 Apr 2009

    By Stephen de Tarczynski
    MELBOURNE, Apr 14 (IPS) Despite ongoing community concerns over the highly
    secretive Pine Gap spy station in central Australia, the nation’s
    parliament has moved to effectively ban protest at the joint
    Australia-United States base.

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    PARAGUAY: Women Growing in Politics – at Pace Set by Men

    07 Apr 2009

    By Natalia Ruiz Díaz
    ASUNCION, Apr 7 (IPS) The global tendency towards greater participation
    by women in politics has reached Paraguay, but the pace continues to be
    set by men, and there are still tough barriers to equal access to elected

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    POPULATION: Global Financial Crisis Threatens Family Planning

    01 Apr 2009

    By Thalif Deen

    UNITED NATIONS, Apr 1 (IPS) – The spreading global financial crisis is
    threatening to undermine another one of the U.N.’s major development and health goals: family planning.

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    MEXICO: Indigenous Woman on the Offensive

    01 Apr 2009

    By Diego Cevallos

    MEXICO CITY, Apr 1 (IPS) – Two years ago, Eufrosina Cruz was kept from running for mayor of her home village by the "traditions and customs" of her indigenous community in southern Mexico, just
    because she is a woman.

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    NAMIBIA: Gender Legislation Futile If Not Implemented

    01 Apr 2009

    By Moses Magadza

    WINDHOEK, Mar 30 (IPS) – Namibian women’s rights activists say existing gender legislation has failed to improve women’s lives because it is not being implemented widely enough. Last August, Namibia signed the Southern African Development Community (SADC) gender protocol but politicians have yet to ratify it.
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    Gender and rural employment: Differentiated pathways out of poverty

    01 Apr 2009

    FAO, IFAD and ILO are organizing a three-day technical expert workshop on “Gaps, trends and current research in gender dimensions of agricultural and rural employment: differentiated pathways out of poverty”, which will be held in Rome, from 31 March to 2 April 2009.

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    DR-CONGO: Electronics Firms Urged to Boycott ”Blood Minerals” Marina Litvinsky

    01 Apr 2009

    WASHINGTON, Apr 1 (IPS) – The world’s mass consumption of cell phones, laptops and other electronics fuels widespread sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), according to a new study released Wednesday by the non-profit Enough Project that echoes what many human rights activists and humanitarian workers have been saying for years.
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