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    TRADE-AFRICA: Flip-flops Transformed Into Toys to Save Turtles

    13 Apr 2009

    By Najum Mushtaq
    NAIROBI, Apr 13 (IPS) Art and fashion, environmental conservation,
    poverty alleviation and fair trade come together at UniqEco’s Marula
    Studios in an upscale suburb of Nairobi. A visit to its workshop and
    display centre is a delight to the eyes as well as an occasion to learn
    about the problem of marine pollution and its eco-friendly,
    community-based and business-savvy solutions.

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    PAKISTAN: A Marriage of Convenience?

    11 Apr 2009

    By Zofeen Ebrahim
    KARACHI, Apr 11 (IPS) Pakistan’s Mukhtaran Mai, who gained global
    acclaim for daring to take her rapists to court, announced her marriage
    last month to an already married police constable.

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