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    IPS Reports on Gender based Violence in Africa’s Conflict Areas

    02 May 2009


    IPS Ugandan correspondent Wambi Michael reported on gender based violence, rape and sexual abuse of women and girls associated with armed conflict in Africa.

    Gender experts interviewed by IPS explained how the lack of economic independence and failure of legal protections, as well as poverty and illiteracy, have contributed to leave women vulnerable to gender-based violence in Africa. More »

    PAKISTAN: A Marriage of Convenience?

    11 Apr 2009

    By Zofeen Ebrahim
    KARACHI, Apr 11 (IPS) Pakistan’s Mukhtaran Mai, who gained global
    acclaim for daring to take her rapists to court, announced her marriage
    last month to an already married police constable.

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    CHILE: Therapeutic Abortion – Hot Election Issue

    07 Apr 2009

    By Daniela Estrada
    SANTIAGO, Apr 2 (IPS) The debate on the decriminalisation of therapeutic
    abortion has been revived ahead of the December presidential elections in
    Chile, one of the few countries in the world where abortion is illegal
    even under extreme circumstances, such as risk to the mother's life or
    a severely deformed foetus.

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    POPULATION: Global Financial Crisis Threatens Family Planning

    01 Apr 2009

    By Thalif Deen

    UNITED NATIONS, Apr 1 (IPS) – The spreading global financial crisis is
    threatening to undermine another one of the U.N.’s major development and health goals: family planning.

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    Gender Wire launched on International Women’s Day

    08 Mar 2009


    IPS is celebrating international women’s day with the launch of a new weekly newsletter, the Gender Wire.

    Only 22% of the voices we hear and read in the news today belong to women. Gender Wire will cover frontline issues such as elections, health, education, armed conflicts, corruption, the global financial crisis, food insecurity, and climate change, asking an often forgotten question: What does this mean for women and girls? More »