• Thursday, November 26, 2015
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    The 56th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

    As the second week of CSW 56 gets underway at the United Nations in New York, you can catch up with all of our related reporting on our gender page. Here’s a brief overview below…

    Opening of the fifty-sixth Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Credit: UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras

    Rural Women

    • Echoing one of the priority themes of CSW this year, IPS correspondents report from India and Bangladesh in this two-part series: “Rural Women Are Leading the Way – Will the World Follow?” Read part one. Read part two.
    • “We suffer from vaginal inflammation and dropped womb (prolapse) because we are running around all day gathering firewood, drying it out, lugging water, cooking, checking on the crops, feeding the animals, and taking care of the kids,” a community leader of rural women in Peru‘s northern coastal region laments: Peru: Time to Adapt to Climate Change Impact on Women’s Lives

    Credit: Naimul Haq/IPS

    Gender-Responsive Budgeting

    Women Leaders

    Credit: Richard Mulonga/IPS


    • For over 90 years, a law in Argentina has allowed women who become pregnant as a result of rape to have an abortion. However, hospitals often refuse to carry out the procedure, instead referring the women to the justice system: Argentine Women Refused Legal Abortions in Cases of Rape

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