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    Wendy Harcourt receives the 2010 Feminist and Women’s Studies Association’s Prize

    Wendy Harcourt

    Wendy Harcourt

    IPS congratulates Wendy Harcourt for the 2010 FWSA Book Prize for her book Body Politics in Development: Critical Debates in Gender and Development (Zed Books, 2009). Wendy is a valued contributor to the IPS MDG3 programme of work as a speaker, blogger and partner.

    Body Politics in Development identifies body politics as a key political force for human rights in the last two decades, through the eyes of its author, and her twenty years engagement in feminist activism, global body politics, women’s movements, and gender and development policy debates.

    Informed by the latest feminist thinking, the book covers sensitive issues such as rape, gender based violence, sexual and reproductive rights, and links them to the hottest development debates, particularly in the most economic and socially vulnerable contexts.

    The author organises her discussions on female body within the gender and development discourses into five categories of bodies: reproductive bodies, productive bodies, violated bodies, sexualized bodies and techno-bodies.

    Commenting on the award to IPS Wendy said “the excitement about getting the prize was first of all as a non academic to get an academic prize, and this I wasn’t expecting. In some ways for me it was like getting another degree or something, because it was a prize from people that I really respect, from the academic world, from researchers”.


    The judges described this volume as an ‘innovative and passionate intervention in gender and development debates that demonstrates significant depth of knowledge in the field’, and felt that it made a major contribution to feminist scholarship as well as having broad appeal outside academia.

    “Particularly what I liked is that the judges showed they understood what I was trying to do, which was to take the story of my experience, the experience of someone working with gender and development, and the contradictions and difficulties I felt, and from that sort of anecdotal pull out the theory and the policy and the implications. They understood it is a very genuine story but had a lot behind it”.

    Wendy will be presented with her prize at the Women’s Library in London on October 2nd. More details about Wendy’s book here.

    Wendy Harcourt is a feminist researcher and activist working at the Society for International Development in Rome Italy as senior advisor and chief editor of the quarterly journal Development. Since 1988 she has built up the journal to be one of the most honest and critical quarterly publications on development. Born in Australia she now lives in Italy and is actively engaged in global feminist politics through her work with Women in Development Europe, European Feminist Forum and the Feminist Dialogues. She has written extensively on globalization and development from a gender perspective. Body Politics in Development is her first full-length book.

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