About TerraViva

About TerraViva

‘TerraViva’ at the 2012 IMF-WB Annual Meetings is the latest edition of the conference newspaper of Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency. It is produced by IPS Asia-Pacific.

This ‘TerraViva’ project aims to provide independent reporting and analysis, from Asian perspectives, by a multicultural team of journalists from the region, writing about key development issues around this year’s IMF-WB Annual Meetings.

It is part of the ‘Development, Environment and Climate Change: A Reporting Lens from Asia’ programme of IPS Asia-Pacific, a project in partnership with and with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation.

For other information about TerraViva, which can be produced at various kinds of meetings and conferences, please go to: http://www.ipsterraviva.net/about.asp

The stories and insights reported in ‘TerraViva’ do not in any way reflect the views of the organisations that supported this project.)

With the Support of:

The Rockefeller Foundation




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