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Lobbying for Dual Custody

Posted on September 21, 2010, by mercedes, under Gender Masala.

By Masako Suzuki

image001440We married in April 1986 and lived in Japan for five years. I worked, holding workshops and exhibitions of my fabric dye products and running clothing import business. In fact, I earned about three times what my husband did at first even though his income grew bigger later. In 1991 we decided to try to setup a business in Canada and eventually emigrate and so I quit my own job so to go with him and help him be successful. We moved to Canada in October 1992 and bought a house. (more…)


Burning Maputo

Posted on September 8, 2010, by mercedes, under Gender Masala.

a testimony by Mercedes Sayagues*
I was 50 meters away when the bullet hit Helio Ruite, slicing a chunk of his skull. Helio was 12 years old and heading home when he was caught between rioters and police on Acordos de Lusaka avenue in Maputo. He died on the spot, one among a dozen killed today. (more…)


Indian Women’s Rights to Safe Toilets

Posted on September 6, 2010, by drini, under Gender Masala.

By Karen Ma
author/gender researcher

karen-photo-2-webAccess to toilets for us who are raised in the developed world is a given. But in India’s case, a severe shortage of clean and safe toilets is not only affecting the health of its women, but directly hampering efforts to empower them. (more…)