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Justice to the “comfort women” survivors

Posted on October 22, 2010, by drini, under Gender Masala.

By Mina Watanabe


Women’s Active Museum (WAM) celebrated its 5th anniversary in August 2010. It is a huge step for us and in the Japanese women’s movement to stop violence against women during conflict and in daily life. We are deeply committed to this cause and will continue our activities till we achieve our purpose. (more…)


Muslim women living in Southern Thailand want peace

Posted on October 18, 2010, by drini, under Gender Masala.

By Soraya Jamjuree

soraya-sIt is a great pleasure to write about our visions of peace for this blog site. I wear two hats—one as director of Friends of the Victimized Families Groups and also I work as a researcher on peace. Both these activities are under the auspices of the Prince of Songla University in Pattani. Peace for women, including Muslim women, living in conflict area means being able to live without harassment. They want to feel safe and want their families to be treated with respect. (more…)