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From Our Mailbox: Advancing MDG3

Posted on November 1, 2011, by aprille, under Gender Masala, children, gender.

Advancing gender equality means a shift in thinking — from seeing boys and men as part of the problem, to including boys and men as part of the solution. (Credit: Sujoy Dhar/IPS)

Dear Editors,

Thanks for the story on working with males and females on gender equality.

You may also be interested in work that ICRW has done in this area. We developed and evaluated a program called “Gender Equity Movement in Schools” that is now being scaled up to 250 schools in Mumbai. Additionally, the project team has traveled to Vietnam for discussion on adapting the program to the Vietnamese setting.

Ellen Weiss
Senior Technical Advisor
Research Utilization and Development
International Center for Research on Women

We love hearing from you! Send us your comments, questions, examples and ideas for making the world more gender equitable: mdg3 [at] ips [dot] org.


Dispatch from Kibera, East Africa’s Largest Slum

Posted on August 19, 2011, by aprille, under Gender Masala, HIV/AIDS, children, culture, gender, health, politics, violence.

Photo Essay by Aline Cunico

(IPS/Aline Cunico)(IPS/Aline Cunico)

Considered one of the biggest slums in the world, Kibera is Nairobi’s–and East Africa’s–largest urban settlement. Over one million people struggle daily to meet basic needs such as access to water, nutrition and sanitation. In this community lacking education and opportunities, women and girls are most affected by poverty.



Measuring Machismo

Posted on August 10, 2011, by drini, under gender, stereotypes.

By Eva Allen

Sandwiched in the middle of Central America, with a population of just under six million and a heavily agricultural economy, Nicaragua remains the poorest country in Latin American and the Caribbean after Haiti with a Human Development Index (HDI) ranking of 115. Yet, in the 2010 World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Gender Gap (GGG) Report, it ranks at 30 of 134 countries in terms of gender-based disparities, joining a top 30 club including equality champions Iceland and the Scandinavian states, and wealthy nations Australia, the US, and the UK. The report’s message is clear - bulging state coffers are not the sole prerequisite for establishing frameworks for fairness and gender equality.


Afghanistan, The Worst Place To Be A Mother Or A Child

Posted on July 16, 2011, by drini, under children, gender, reproductive health.

Human Wrongs Watch

In spite of U.S-led military invasion since 2001 to bring “enduring freedom” and democracy, about 50 women die in childbirth each day in Afghanistan; one in three is physically or sexually abused, and the average life expectancy of women is 44 years.



¿Femicidio, feminicidio? El genocidio necesita un nombre en América Latina

Posted on August 16, 2010, by Kudzai, under Gender Masala, estereotipo, gender, human rights, media, mujeres, violence, violencia.

unos_cuantos_piquetitos_frida_khalo_blog12agostoPor Diana Cariboni

Mi pregunta fue por qué en algunos países se llama femicidio y en otros feminicidio al asesinato de mujeres por razón de su sexo. Las feministas reunidas en San Salvador, en un taller organizado por el Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer (Cladem), me mostraron que no era cuestión de una palabra u otra, sino una polémica no zanjada.



A female”hibakusha” speaks out

Posted on August 9, 2010, by drini, under Gender Masala, gender.

peaceparade. New York

peace parade. New York. May 2010

by Toshiko Hamamako

Thank you for asking me to write about myself. I am happy to share my experiences.
Actually, it is only recently that I have begun to talk about my life as an atomic bomb survivor from Nagasaki.  I am now 66 years old but I got the courage to talk to others only about two years ago. Till then I have kept the fact that I am an atomic bomb survivor just within my family. (more…)


Japanese women are tackling gender discrimination

Posted on July 26, 2010, by drini, under gender.

Junko FukazawaGender expert and representative of Human Service Centre, a non profit organization.

By Junko Fukazawa

As a women`s rights activist the fight for equal rights for women alongside men in Japan has been a rocky road. But today I must say, we have come a long way towards achieving our goal. Let me explain by telling the readers about progress made on eradicating domestic violence. (more…)